EXTREME TATTOO measures to get back at EX

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Womanwent to EXTREME measures to get back at EX

tattoo_cutReported in local UK newspaper Daily Star. Torz Reynolds took things to a new level when she we realised that everything wasnt as it seemed.

When Stuart Chopper and Torz met, she was so in love that she had his name tattooed on her arm “Chopper’s Bitch”, but a year later Chopper said that he had been offered his dream job in Alaska. So with an emotional and tearful goodbye at the airport, with what seemed to a natural end to their relationship they. . . dailystar.co.uk

A New Realism Made A Plain Tattoo Truly Awesome or Just Gruesome?

Tattooed wounds are getting even more popular. To get this to pay off you really need to find a very special tattoo artist, someone that can create outstanding realism. Otherwise the truly inspired cool might just become the regrettable unfortunate. These specialists of this gallery though, are truly amazing: http://www.tattoo-spirit.de Technorati Tags: gory

The “Barbie” that looks more normal than she is.

With stick-thin bodies, permanently arched feet, and platinum blonde hair, Barbie dolls dont look like most real women Until Now This Normal Barbie Comes With Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Acne, And TATTOOS! Independent toymaker, designer Nickolay Lamm took on this project to address concerns that the current Barbie doll promotes an unhealthy body image for young … Continue reading

Don’t Make This Mistake – These Girls Did!

5 Disastrous Reasons Why Tattoos Can be Perceived As Evil This push strong views on why girls with tattoos and piercings are ruined. Asking the questions does this really improve the attractiveness? Do they think about how this may affect the other aspects of their life or career? Or are they just trying to assert … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Tattoo Design You Will Not Regret

Interested in getting a tattoo but not sure what you want to permanently ink into your skin? Your not the only one with that train of thought, it is a big decision to make. Tattoos are not easily removed and the experience is painful, time consuming and costly. Your tattoo will most likely be with … Continue reading

Henna Designs With Tattoos

Have you ever seen henna design? It’s simply captivating as an art form. It’s used in society as a popular way to produce natural tattoos that are temporary by nature. It harnesses the power of nature and produces beautiful manmade results in the form of temporary tattoos. Natural henna ink is used for henna tattoos. … Continue reading

Any tattooists in Winnipeg that will do white ink tattoos?

I know a lot of tattoo artists don’t do white ink tattoos, so I was wondering if anyone knew of someone in Winnipeg who does them. Or anywhere else in Canada if the artist is really good ^^ Can’t help ya up there in the great white north…but we’re one of the only shops here … Continue reading

Im thinking of getting a tattoo similar to Victoria Beckham’s neck but what words should i have??

I want a tattoo on my 18th birthday similar to the one going down the neck of Victoria Beckham I dont want something as big so I was thinking something like ‘love freedom dreams’ or something similar but i also dont want something every teenage girl gets I also dont know where to find hindu … Continue reading

How can I use my dot matrix printer to make tattoo stencils?

Ok, I have seen all of the "tattoo stencil printers" on ebay and whatnot, and they all look like normal old dot matrix printers, I was just curious as to what I need to do physicaly to get the stencil on the paper, will normal stencil paper work? What all do I have to do? … Continue reading

what is a good tattoo gallery website with really good tattoos?

im trying to design a tattoo for myself and im having like “tattooers block”. lol! i need ideas and websites if possible. if i can get a website with as many pictures as possible. that would be great. im thinking something with stars or something really girly. please and thank you!!! johnny tattoo, bmeink, flicker … Continue reading